Monday, 6 June 2011

Wie peinlich!

How embarrassing!

Whether it's spilling another glass of water over my desk, asking customers to return their mail to my home address or realising I have not updated this for four months, I seem to be a walking embarrassment at the moment. Apologies, I've just been rather busy.

In the past few months I have experienced German Karneval, seen Belle and Sebastian in Cologne,  museum-hopped until 1 am, cheered the Swedish Eurovision act in Düsseldorf and spent a rainy afternoon at the Palmengarten, amongst other things. Now I only have 7 (?) weeks left in FfM and think I should try and bring this blog up to date.

I also have my last ever German Swedish class, two scout/guide camps and an Abschiedsfest to come so cannot promise this will all happen at once.

In any case, thanks for dropping in. I'll try and give you something interesting to read soon.

I still have a voucher for a 2-week trial of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung I could send you.

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