Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Becoming German

A few things have happened to me recently which have caused me some concern.

In the supermarket, I actively sought out the salami aisle and then took some time to consider which type of salami I would like. When I got to the checkout, I paid efficiently with my Sparkasse card and did not try and enter my PIN, but waited to be asked for my signature. I had also packed my groceries into the bags I had brought with me very efficiently and did not have to fuss around for five minutes after paying to sort out my shopping.

When I was making my salami sandwich on vollkorn Brot (wholemeal bread), I thought it could really do with a slice or two of gherkin to finish it off.

At work, I received three rubber stamps for my desk for stamping letters and felt a thrill of excitement I would get to do something bureaucratic and involving rubber stamps.

In a bar, I ordered a Weizbier (wheat beer) and then, without being prompted, 'Prost'ed, and made eye contact, with everyone at the table before having my first sip.

I think I'm becoming a bit German.

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