Sunday, 5 September 2010

Beim Flohmarkt

At the flea market

As I crossed the Eiserner Steg (iron bridge) to the Sachsenhausen side of the river yesterday, I was confused by how busy it was. People everywhere! Was there some sort of festival on I didn't know about? Was the Dieter Rams exhibition really so popular?

Well, no was the answer to both of those questions. It was the time of the weekly Flohmarkt (I say flea market, it was basically a car boot sale, with fewer actual car boots). The variety and variation in quality of goods on offer was amazing, here are just some of the items to be bought*:

A selection of oil lamps and cutlery

A portrait of Jackie O

Second hand bicycles in various states of repair

Hats from every region of Germany

And of course, a novelty plastic deer head

The Flohmarkt takes place on the Sachsenhausen bank of the River Main every Saturday morning. If you like retro clothing and accessories, dog-eared books, candlesticks, toy cars or even plastic replicas of hunting trophies, then this is the place for you. Arrive early for the best picks, that deer head won't be there next week!

*if you want a closer look at the wares, just click on the photo and you will be shown a larger version - the wonders of technology!

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