Thursday, 30 September 2010

Beim Friseur

At the hairdresser's

Today, I went to book a hair appointment. I have been in Germany for almost two months now and felt it was time my hair had some attention as it hasn't been cut in even longer than that. So I asked my flatmates for their recommendations and as I didn't fancy Toni & Guy (too pricey) or C&M (too cheap) I decided to use the power of the Internet to find a suitable salon. After using Google maps and qype it seemed that Barbara Ochs in Bockenheim (10 mins walk away) would be a good bet. A bit cheaper than in the city centre and with excellent customer reviews - brilliant!

I walked to Bockenheim in the drizzle and noticed how cool it seems. 'Will definitely have to spend more time in this part of the city,' I thought to myself as I walked down another cool street. And I found the hairdresser, right where it should have been. 

I went in and asked if I could book an appointment (einen Termin buchen). The lady asked what my name was and started looking through her appointment book. I explained I didn't actually have an appointment yet but would like one. 'Oh, you want to make an appointment (einen Termin machen)!' Er, ja.

She asked when I would like to make my appointment and I asked when there was time available. Then she asked if I wanted a haircut and I said I did, and she asked the stylist if she would be free after the cut she was finishing. She was. So she took my coat and showed me to a chair and brought me a coffee with cream and sugar and I had a little sit while I waited for Steffi to finish styling her client's hair.

Then Steffi came over and asked how I wanted my hair. I said I would like it a little shorter and so on and used some hand actions to demonstrate how I would like my fringe (Pony, auf Deutsch). I was also very proud of myself for remembering the word 'Stufen' and hence being able to explain I would like some layers. Steffi suggested a 'Bob' and I was very impressed she had somehow understood exactly what I wanted, and somewhat disappointed I didn't think of just saying 'bob' with a German accent to start with.

I had my hair washed and cut and the receptionist (ok I think she was also a hairdresser) blow dried it for me. She asked if I wanted 'Shaumfestiger' which totally threw me. If you are ever offered this, it means hair mousse so don't be alarmed. Unless you are offered said Schaumfestiger by someone who is not a hair stylist, of course. That would be alarming.

While my hair was being styled, another woman went to the counter to pay. She couldn't find her purse. She looked all over. She went out to the street to check. I was somewhat glad this did not just happen to stupid English people in post offices. She left her address and was going to come back tomorrow to pay.

I paid without any hassle at all. I felt slightly bad I didn't leave any Trinkgeld (tip) but when I realised I had been charged 13,50 EUR for blow drying I felt quite justified in my decision. I am also offering free advertising to Barbara Ochs Friseuere via this blog which I think more than makes up for it.

Receipt No. 19/Salesperson: 3, Operator: 3/Women's Cut & Go medium - 26,00 EUR/Women's Cut Go Blow Dry  medium- 13,50 EUR/Total - 39,50 EUR/Net amount - 33,19 EUR/Taxable amount - 33,19 EUR/Incl. VAT @ 19% - 39,50 EUR/ VAT @ 19% - 6,31EUR/Cash paid - 50EUR/Change - 10,50 EUR/Thank you very much

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