Saturday, 14 August 2010

Alone at Grüneburgweg U-Bahn

On Friday, we didn't have to get to training until 12pm, so I took the opportunity to pop into town before work. I thought I would save myself some time and take the U-Bahn from Grüneburgweg to Hauptwache. I descended the stairs from the sunny street to the gloom of the U-Bahn station.

An organ grinder was playing a jaunty but unsettling tune (something like this: ).

I checked the network map, worked out which ticket to buy and checked the network map again before descending an escalator to the platform.

The clear, totally empty platform.

The music still drifted down from the station above.

I heard steps somewhere, and a man appeared on the platform on the side I was stood. He wore tracksuit trousers, a hooded top and a cap pulled far onto his face. He kept his head down and kept sauntering further towards me. I walked towards the other set of steps, with the pretence of looking at posters on display. The mysterious man edged futher towards where I was standing. I edged a little further towards the steps again and the organ grinder music got louder as I planned my escape. The man edged a little closer. I heard footsteps.

A woman had come down the other set of steps. Some passengers alighted the train going the other way. My train came. I got on and went to Hauptwache.

Some days you are just happy to be alive at the end.

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