Friday, 13 August 2010

Road safety the German way

Today, I have a little activity for you before I begin. Count the police officers!

Yes that's right, there are five police officers in the photograph. 'But why such a heavy police presence?', I hear you ask (err not really that would be creepy to say the least). As far as I know, there was no crisis or catastrophe in Frankfurt city centre yesterday lunchtime, but yes, there are five police officers to be seen in this photograph, all congregating round this one pedestrian crossing.  The only reason for this I could discern was that, and perhaps you are not aware of this, it is illegal to jaywalk in Germany. If anyone crossed on red, they were stopped by a friendly local Polizist and made to show their Ausweis. I don't know how the conversations ran, or what the penalty is for this terrible Verbrechen (crime), I am a very dilligent pedestrian. 

So if you are in Germany (or, in fact, any country) and decide to cross the road, I suggest you follow the example of these Kinder and their faithful Hund:

...we're waiting for the green!

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