Sunday, 22 August 2010

On keeping up to date with local news

"Did you hear someone got shot at the central station on Thursday?"


While enjoying some evening drinks with co-workers on a balcony on Friday, the conversation came upon this shooting incident. One of the people there had been walking by the station and heard the two shots. She said the police shot two men as they tried to rob a bank. What an exciting tale!

However, the events which actually went on seem a bit less exciting.

Shots were fired in front of a bordello in the area of the main station. One man has a poorly arm. Several people have been taken into custody. SWAT (die Sondereinsatzkommando) were called out. Around 15 people (mostly prostitutes) were taken to the police station as witnesses. No-one's life is in danger. Some other people were arrested, but not in connection to this shooting.

Don't worry, I don't hang around the area by the train station. And I will start reading the local news.

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